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Last modified: October 23, 2018
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Please remember any update for a design RESETS all your current design changes! You’ll be starting completely over by re-installing the design.  Please see our GUIDE to upgrading if you’re thinking about updating a design.
Dates indicate when the update was released publicly.


Version 1.3 – (1.31.18)

  • NEW updated design with fancy animations (Added in ProPhoto 6.19.0)
  • NEW updated contact form with new options (Added in ProPhoto 6.19.0)
  • NEW added carousel gallery style and demo (Added in ProPhoto 6.18.0)
  • NEW added copyright background color (Added in ProPhoto 6.21.0)
  • Added basic settings to the entire design
  • Updated template names for easier use
  • Updated some block names for better identification
  • Updated design instructions for 2018
  • Removed additional CSS that was no longer needed
  • Removed unnecessary gallery pages and used just galleries instead


Version 1.2 – (3.2.17)

  • NEW Added a custom pinit button tile (Added in ProPhoto 6.11.0)
  • NEW Added the contact form submit button as a tile (Added in ProPhoto 6.10.0)
  • NEW Added a customized mobile menu tile (Added in ProPhoto 6.12.0)
  • NEW Hidden gallery title for galleries (Added in ProPhoto 6.14.0)
  • NEW Added gallery styles for each type to match the design
  • NEW Added gallery demo pages
  • Updated grids to have vertically aligned text (Added in ProPhoto 6.12.0)
  • Updated contact form identifiers to match form item names
  • Updated contact form to span the entire width of the column
  • Updated mobile slideout menu to remove the default drop shadow
  • Updated demo images for 2017
  • Updated post text to be larger for easier readability
  • Updated the home page tiles to not be in the middle (to avoid covering crucial parts of the home page featured image)
  • Updated all tiles to be taller in height to stand out better
  • Updated home page images to be more uniform in size for easier use in the design
  • Updated logo tile square to be a little sharper by adjusting the sizing instead of scaling it
  • Updated the about page colors to match design
  • Updated design description
  • Updated design thumbnail
  • Updated design instructions
  • Updated .xml file for 2017


Version 1.1 – (8.8.16)

  • NEW customized the “Read More” options for grids, and excerpts (Added in ProPhoto 6.2.0)
  • NEW added new call to action items to design (Added in ProPhoto 6.4.0)
  • NEW added contact form template/page (Added in ProPhoto 6.0.0 Beta 61)
  • NEW gallery style for portfolio galleries with new settings (Added in ProPhoto 6.4.0)
  • Updated files to include the .xml WordPress demo pages
  • Updated child template descriptions
  • Updated investment page tiles to link to the new contact form
  • Updated some widget descriptions
  • Updated archive page header text to be smaller
  • Updated the menu links to correctly link to their demo pages (about page wasn’t linked in the demo)
  • FIX an issue with the about page link when activating a new design not working correctly in ProPhoto


Version 1.0 – (5.12.16)

  • Release to the public.


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