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Last modified: October 23, 2018
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Changing Home Page Slideshow Images (Editor)

The video below explains how to change the images in the home page slideshow in our Minimal ProPhoto design.

Click the video below to play.


Image Sizing

We size images for the header in this design, specifically at:

2000px x 700px @72dpi and saved as a JPEG, then compressed using JPEGMINI Pro.

You can use any image editing program to resize images. Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Sketch, Canva (a web app) or even JPEGMINI Pro allows you to size to specific widths and heights. See our image optimization guide for more.

If you want to adjust the height of the gallery, upload images with a larger height. So instead of 700px in height you could use 900px.



Changing Home Page Image Tiles (Editor)

The video below explains how to change the featured image tiles on the home page in our Minimal ProPhoto Design using the editor.

Click the video below to play.


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