Importing pages (xml files) into WordPress

Last modified: October 23, 2018

Importing the WordPress XML file or (pages) into WordPress is really super easy.

If you already have existing WordPress page content, it’s best to try to connect those through the ProPhoto setup process than it is to upload the .xml file from our design. We recommend that because if you already have existing home pages, etc, depending on how they’re named in WordPress, the xml file may import duplicate pages. You can always choose to delete the duplicates if you’d like so it’s no big deal if you still want to import the xml file or not either way.


Step 1 – Unzip

If you purchased from us, when you unzip the download file the XML file will be available there.

If you purchased from ProPhoto you’ll look in the “resources” folder and the .XML file will be located there.




Step 2 – Import

Login into your WordPress site and navigate to:

WordPress > Tools > Import

Click the WordPress link. If you haven’t already installed the WordPress importer plugin go ahead and do so by clicking the install button then “run importer” when finished.




Step 3 – Upload

Navigate to the .XML file we mentioned earlier and upload into place either by selecting it manually or dragging and dropping the file into place.



Step 4 – Assign Author

On the next screen it will ask you if you want to create a new user or assign the pages to an existing user. Make sure to assign it to your current user name for your site!



Then click “download and import file attachments”

Once it’s finished uploading you’re all done, you can navigate to your pages section in WordPress and they’ll all be there!



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