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Last modified: October 23, 2018
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The first step is to simply download the fonts from the web and install them to your machine to use them in Photoshop and other places. We can’t include the fonts in the downloads since they aren’t ours legally to include, but we always use free fonts found on the web.



Fonts used in this design






Downloading fonts from Google

(click the video below to play)


When downloading fonts, they’ll come as .zip file. Double click the zip file to unpackage it onto your machine, then simply double click the fonts to install them.




To edit the overall font style for the entire design go to:

ProPhoto > Customizer > Switch to Design Level (The blue rounded button) Click the Menu Icon > Fonts > Styles

There, you can switch out google fonts, change styles, upload your own, etc. All the font styles are applied to the various blocks, columns, rows, and tiles in the design throughout the customizer. On the styles screen you’ll be able to edit existing styles (and they’ll change across the entire design) or add new ones and apply those wherever you wish.

For more on fonts in ProPhoto see ProPhoto’s own support site HERE.


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