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Last modified: October 23, 2018
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In our Horizon design, we added a default header background image as a fall back. Each page template has their own header image but when one isn’t set, this one will show up as default. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to change it.


Step 1.

In the ProPhoto customizer, make sure you’re on the SITE SETTINGS template and on the template level for these changes.





Step 2.

Scroll down to the block we’ve labeled “Header block” and hover over the block to show the green bar, and select the settings icon.

Note – Since this block has no actual content, it requires that a ProPhoto “Spacer Widget” be placed in the block row so that the background image will show.  If you delete the spacer, the background image will no longer show up, because ProPhoto requires content in a block for the block to show up on the website.

You can adjust the spacer height by clicking the widget and adjusting the slider to adjust the height. This requires the new Prophoto Spacer Widget added in it’s place. If you have an older version of the design, the widget will just be a prophoto text widget. You’ll need to replace it with the new spacer widget.





Step 3.

Scroll down until you see the background image. Once there, you can click the trashcan icon to delete it and upload your own.



The background images in Horizon are sized at: 2000 x 1333px saved at 72dpi as a JPEG quality 6 in photoshop or about 60 in Lightroom. Then we used JPEGMINI Pro to downsize our photo even further.

Keep in mind these are just recommended image sizes. You can upload any size image you prefer. For this design we uploaded our own recommended size.


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