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Last modified: October 23, 2018
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Currently some of our designs have the blog set to a grid, or sometimes it shows the current normal method of displaying blog posts. This article teaches you how to switch from blog post view to the excerpt (read more post type) or the grid post type and vice versa.

Changing the blog post type to grid

To change the blog post type to a grid and vise versa follow the steps below.

In the ProPhoto customizer make sure you’re on the “template” level by clicking the rounded button in the customizer sidebar at the top left to the blue template option, and you’ll need to be on the “site settings” template for this customization.


After doing those two things, click the “content” tab in the left hand sidebar and then the “excerpts” tab in the white bar at the top. This brings up all the options to change from blog post view to grid.



The “Show excerpts on blog pages” option allows you to turn the excerpts on for the blog page and any other post types you choose by having them checked. When you turn them on, a truncated or excerpt view will show instead of the standard post layout default in WordPress.



There are two options you can choose from currently: Standard, and Grid. Each option has a bunch of customization options to choose from. We recommend switching between the two so you can see what they look like and choosing which one you want!


Example of a standard post in WordPress / ProPhoto with excerpts unchecked in one of our designs.


Example of excerpts turned on with the grid option checked in one of our designs.


If you didn’t want the excerpts to show up and wanted a regular post view again, just uncheck the “show excerpts on blog posts pages” option. This changes the blog view back to a standard blog view.



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