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Last modified: October 23, 2018
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Below are tutorials for creating a gallery in WordPress, and ProPhoto along with options on ways to add the galleries into ProPhoto.


Step 1 – Creating a gallery in WordPress

It’s easy to create a gallery in WordPress, the first step is to login to your WordPress site and click the “galleries” button in the WordPress sidebar. Then click the “add new” button.



You’ll want to name your gallery first. After naming your gallery, add your images.

The third option on this screen allows you to apply the gallery style we’ve created for you in the design. This is a ProPhoto setting. The styles have already been setup for you in our designs, so you only have to apply the style you want to add.

You can always go into ProPhoto later and adjust or edit the gallery styles settings and customizations. You’re never locked in to what we want it to look like!



After uploading images, you can always drag and drop them to place them in the order that you like, and you can select multiple to delete photos as well.



Don’t forget to click “publish” when you’re finished.



Out of the two options below, which option is best? That depends on your needs! We would say going with option #2 is more flexible in the wrong run, since you’re going to be working in ProPhoto anyway with your design. It also allows you to insert a gallery much easier than just using the page url from the first option.


Adding a gallery to a WordPress page (Option 1)

There are several ways to add a gallery to your page, this method uses the actual WordPress page to add one. The first step is to simply add a new WordPress page.

In WordPress, click Galleries in the sidebar, then click add new.


Make sure to name your gallery first, and check the ProPhoto option to hide the page title.



Be sure to click publish when you’re done!

Next you’ll click the ProPhoto dropdown tab and select “insert gallery” to add the gallery you created to the page.

If you’ve already created a gallery from step 1, click “insert gallery.” If you haven’t, then simply click “new gallery” instead.



Choose the gallery you want to add via the dropdown, then choose one of the options. One option “using gallery style” adds the style you selected when you created the gallery. The other option doesn’t add a gallery at all, it just simply inserts the images into the page vertically.



Once the gallery is added click the publish option when you’re done.



You’ve just created your first gallery page in WordPress! From there there’s a ton of ways to add the page in ProPhoto, you can use the page’s URL to link to it anywhere in the customizer. Example: An image or ProPhoto tile that links to the gallery page. You ca can also add a Prophoto page widget in the customizer in any template which allows you to choose which pages to display.



Adding a gallery to the ProPhoto customizer (Option 2)

In your design you’ll always have a “portfolio” template included with your design, we’re going to use that template as our base to insert our galleries we’ve created from step 1.

First, make sure you’re on the Portfolio page template included with your design, then scroll down to the block we’ve labeled “portfolio block.”



In the block, you may notice a “grid placeholder” widget. We can view that widget and see what settings we had placed for the grid in our demo, or we can just delete the widget and create a new gallery widget.



Once you’ve deleted the widget, you need to click the add widget icon in the row.



Option 1 – Adding a single gallery widget

Now you’ll have two different options to go with.

If you want only ONE gallery to show up on your portfolio page, then you’ll insert a “P6 Galleries” widget.



To add a single gallery click the P6 gallery widget to bring up the options.



Option 2- Adding a galleries grid widget

If you want to add multiple galleries to the page template, you’ll want to find and add a “P6 Grid” widget instead.



Click the P6 grid widget to add the widget and bring up it’s settings.

Our settings are usually like so, but you can do whatever you like!

Grid Style: Text Below or Overlaid
Image Crop Ratio: 2:2 (Square)
Gutter: 10-15
Max Columns: 3-4 (Depending on how many galleries you’re adding)
Width: Leave at default


Be sure to click “create widget” when you’re finished. You’ve now added your galleries to your page!

In these examples we had already started with a page template that already existed in our design, but let’s say you wanted to start from scratch. See our related articles below on how to add a page and apply the template. (Coming Soon)


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