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Last modified: October 23, 2018
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In this tutorial you’ll learn how to create a contact page from scratch. Your design will include one already setup for you by default if you purchased one.


Step 1 – Creating the page

Go into WordPress > Pages > Add new and add a brand new page titled “Contact” – or whatever you want your contact form page name to be.


Since we’re not adding the content to WordPress page, and we’re adding the content in ProPhoto, you don’t have to add anything to the page here.

Make sure to check the two boxes under the ProPhoto title/content hiding section before clicking publish.




Step 2 – Creating a template

Go into the ProPhoto customizer and switch to the design level by clicking the rounded button in the top left hand corner of the sidebar.

From there you’ll click “Templates” and “Manager” to manage your child templates and create a new one.


Make sure you’re on the base template or site settings template and click “create child template.”



Set a name and a description if you want one, then click save details.




Step 3 – Assigning the template

Now go back to your WordPress dashboard and pages and edit the contact page so we can assign the new child template to the page you created earlier.

On the right hand side you’ll see a block with a ProPhoto template option, there you’ll assign your new contact template you just made in the previous step.




Step 4 – Creating a form in ProPhoto

Now that your contact page is made and the template is assigned, you can now go back into the customizer to add a contact form. Make sure you’re on the design level again and choose the forms tab on the left hand sidebar.


From there you can add new form elements, and change the form settings before saving. You can see in the screenshot below what our general contact form consists of.

Full name (Short text field)

Telephone Number (Short text field)

Email (Email field)

Session type (Multiple choice field)

Message (Long text field)

Submit Button



To customize the form’s overall look, switch to the template level by clicking the rounded button in the prophoto sidebar on the left hand side, then click forms again.



There you can change font styles, padding, settings, add background images to the form itself, etc. We recommend just playing around with it to get what you want.





Step 5 – Adding a form to a template

After adding your contact form to ProPhoto from the previous step, you can now use a ProPhoto forms widget in any ProPhoto template wherever you want.

We’ve gone back to the customizer and selected our contact template we made earlier from the dropdown menu at the top of the window.


Now that you’re on the template you created earlier, scroll to the bottom of the customizer and click the + symbol to add a new block.



Now that we have our block we can add a ProPhoto forms widget to the block to add our contact form to the page. Click the round + symbol in the block you just made, to add a widget, then select the “P6 Form widget” option.



In the widget settings you can set the animation, the form title, and add the form from the dropdown that you added earlier. Make sure to click create widget when you’re finished.



That’s it, no more steps, you’ve just created a contact form/template/page for your website using ProPhoto!


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