Updating menus in Royal

Our Royal design has a different method of using “menus” in ProPhoto 7. We wanted to create something unique for Royal, so we didn’t use the standard menu system that comes with ProPhoto.

If you’re wanting to replace the tiles in Royal with a normal menu, please see our other article for how to create menus in P7.

Instead, we used the “tiles” feature. Image menu items in Royal are actually made up of layers to make the whole menu. Since we didn’t choose to use a traditional menu type, drop downs don’t work with the way we have it designed currently. You could always switch the menu we’ve built in the design out for a normal ProPhoto menu if you’d like but it won’t have the unique look that using tiles has.

We also plan on updating the design when ProPhoto finally adds the ability to add tiles as actual menu items (so dropdowns will work). But until then, we’ll show you how to edit your menu in our Royal design.

Editing the menu items

To edit the menu item tiles, in ProPhoto click “Customize > Elements > Tiles”. Hover over any of the tiles to bring up it’s settings icon. Click it to start customizing it.

Each “layer” is named for your convenience. Click on the labels symbol (The large “A”) to bring up the tile layer and edit it.

Once you click the layer, you can scroll down in the sidebar, to see all the available options and customizations you can make for the layer.

The first one at the top is the text for the layer. Click it and type in your own text to edit it.

Now simply, repeat for both of the text layers! Remember to save when you’re done!

Creating more menu items

Now that you know how to edit the tiles, let’s copy some so you can create some new menu items. It’s super easy to do this. In tiles, you can simply hover over any tile in the menu to bring up the copy option. Click the copy button to copy it. Rename it, and edit the two text layers to create a new menu tile.

Linking Menu Items

I think this is where we’ve seen the most confusion, since ProPhoto doesn’t make the setting easy to find, or to edit yet. (We’ve been told changes are coming!)

It’s best to go ahead and copy the URL of the page you want the tile/image to link to at this point. You can always go into WordPress first, view the WordPress page, and copy the url in your address bar, or just right click the “view” link and click the “copy the link address” option if you’re using Chrome. Firefox and Safari both have a similar option.

To edit the tile so that it links up to where you want it to go; first, go to any layout in your template and hover over the menu block, then click the lock icon.

After you’ve clicked the lock icon, click “continue”. This allows you to edit the block and the changes you make will carry down to wherever the block has been added into your design (which is every layout).

If you click “make unique” and make changes to the block, the the changes will only be made on the layout you’re currently viewing.

Hover over any of the tiles in the menu block to bring up the different options and click the settings (gear) icon to see the module settings.

After clicking the settings icon, you’ll see a graphics block on the right side of the window. Click it to open it.

After clicking the box, you’ll see the URL that the tile/image links to. Here’s where you’ll put the link to your page you want it to link to you copied earlier.

Now do this for all the remaining tiles in the menu and you’ve finished linking them all up!

Royal Changelogs

How our versioning works:

The first number is the version ProPhoto is on.
The second number is the version the design is on.
The third number is the release the design is on.

Dates indicate when the update was released publicly.

Version 7.1.0 – (12.14.18)

  • Initial release to the public.

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