Redwood Changelogs

How our versioning works:

The first number is the version ProPhoto is on.
The second number is the version the design is on.
The third number is the release the design is on.

Dates indicate when the update was released publicly.

Version 7.1.4 – (8.27.19)

  • Updated font styles with defaults from the ProPhoto 7.7.0 update.
  • Updated the pricing tables with better formats after the new text module options were added in ProPhoto 7.7.0
  • Updated grids and galleries to have a default setting.
  • Renamed some blocks for better management

Version 7.1.3 – (2.28.19)

  • Updated header titles to have the correct H1-H6 tags for better SEO out of the box.
  • Updated design thumbnail for 2019.

Version 7.1.2 – (12.18.18)

  • Updated block descriptions for easier management.
  • Updated gallery layouts to have the date set to off by default.
  • Updated font styles to be easier to read and manage
  • Updated excerpts for blog categories to better match the overall design.
  • Added new animations from 7.4.0
  • Added font styles for H1-H6.
  • Added a 404 layout.
  • Added a privacy policy layout.
  • Added the privacy policy option to the contact form.
  • Fixed the default font style for the footer, which wasn’t matching the design.
  • Removed extra CSS that carried over from P6.

Version 7.1.1 – (8.24.18)

  • Updated files to take advantage of P7’s new on boarding system from 7.1.0

Version 7.1.0 – (5.30.18)

  • Initial release to the public.

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