Changing Coming Soon Layouts

The first step you’ll want to do in our Keynote designs is choose which layout to go with and customize. In this tutorial we’ll show you how to easily switch between layouts to work on them.

First, let’s start by going into the customizer.

To do that, in WordPress, click ProPhoto > Customize.



Next, you’ll want to delete the demo menu we have in the design. To do that, hover over the menu block, and click the trash can to delete. We promise you won’t need it! 🙂



Now that it is gone, let’s go ahead and choose which layout we want to display. To do that, click the layouts option in the sidebar.



On the layouts screen, we make this process super simple. Under the “Default Layout” dropdown, select which design you want to display, then simply click save. when you click the layouts option in the sidebar again, the window closes, and you’ll see your new layout is available!



From there, you can edit your text, add blocks, rows, and columns, and use all of ProPhoto’s wonderful features to customize the design further.



Using Test Drive Mode

With ProPhoto’s test drive mode enabled, you can freely work on your new site, while your old one is still live.

This means, if you have another theme, or ProPhoto 6 as your live theme, you can test drive ProPhoto 7, and work on it while your P6 site is still live! Or if you previously had never worked with a WordPress or ProPhoto theme, you can use Test Drive mode to display one our coming soon designs, like Keynote.


Test Drive Mode

The first thing we want to do after installing ProPhoto 7 is to go to ProPhoto > Manage Designs.



On the manage designs screen, you can see which is your live design, and which is the current test driven design.

If you want to change your live design for some reason, you can do so by simply going to WordPress > Appearance > Themes and activating a new theme.

When you’re logged in, you’ll see the test driven site (in the blue box), while your site visitors will see your live site (in the dark gray box).



In this instance, one of the default themes from WordPress (2017) is our live design and the default theme for our test drive is the creative design that comes with ProPhoto 7.

In your case, it’s likely that you have ProPhoto 4, 5, or 6 as your live theme, while the default ProPhoto 7 design is your test dive theme.

If you haven’t installed your keynote design, or another ProPhoto design, see this tutorial on how to do that for the next step.

Once your design is installed, press the “test drive” button.



After clicking the test drive button, the design will show up in the test drive section.

You can always see which design you have “live” by either logging out of WordPress, or simply going to your address in another browser where you’re not logged in and view your website.


Now you can click back into the WordPress sidebar, then ProPhoto > Customize to customize your design, while your old one is active.

If you’re using our Keynote design, then you have a couple of different options.

A. You can go ahead and customize the Keynote design real quick, then come back to the manage designs screen, and click “Go Live”. (This is what we recommend.)

To learn how to choose which layout to use in our Keynote design, see below.

B. You can just click “Go Live” and the default coming soon design that came with Keynote will be the one that’s live that your site visitors will see.

Once you’ve made your choice, you can then simply create a new design from scratch, use one of the existing designs that came with ProPhoto 7, import a ProPhoto 6 design, or import a ProPhoto 7 premium design to work on. After importing, be sure to click the test drive option.

At this point, “Keynote” will be your live design, and your other will be the Test Driven design.


Keynote II Changelogs

How our versioning works:

The first number is the version ProPhoto is on.
The second number is the version the design is on.
The third number is the release the design is on.

Dates indicate when the update was released publicly.

Version 7.1.0 – (10.23.18)

  • Initial release to the public.

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