Adding Galleries

Working with galleries in ProPhoto is super simple and easy to do in ProPhoto 7. Let’s start by simply adding some galleries to your ProPhoto 7 design.

To do that, in the sidebar in ProPhoto click the “Elements” tab.



From there, click the galleries tab.



Click the large “new gallery” button in the sidebar to add a new gallery to WordPress / ProPhoto.

You may see some existing galleries like “marketing images” you can safely delete that gallery, and it’s media files. Leave your “home page gallery” so that you can simply edit it and add your photos to skip some steps later.



On the media screen, click the upload files tab to upload images to your WordPress media library. Images that are already showing are existing media files in your library. You can choose from those existing files if you’d like, or you can upload new ones.

See our separate guide below to optimizing images for your site.



When the uploader window opens, simply drag and drop your photos to upload them to WordPress.



After they’ve been uploaded, they’ll be pre-selected for you, here you can either manually select which ones you want to be added to the gallery, or simply click “select” to choose the images to be in the ProPhoto gallery.



Once your gallery is created in ProPhoto, the first step is to simply rename it to what you’re adding. In this example we chose “weddings”.

You can close the gallery window and click save to finish.


Rinse, and repeat those steps to add as many galleries as you’d like!

Below, you’ll find the different methods of inserting your new galleries into the design.

Adding Galleries Using Menus

If you’ve been following along on how to use menus in our getting started article, then you already know how to do this, but we’ll walk you through the whole process that works for any of our designs.

In the WordPress sidebar, click ProPhoto > Customize, or simply view your website in your browser if you’re logged in, and click customize at the top in the WordPress menu bar.

Where the menu is located, hover over the block and click the lock icon.



A popup will show up allowing you to select two options.

A. Continue – Clicking continue, you’re editing the block for all the existing layouts the block has been added into.

B. Make Unique – Clicking unique will separate this block from the remaining layouts it’s connected to, and whatever changes you make to it, will only show up on the layout you’re currently viewing.



Click Continue. Since you’re wanting the header block to be the same across your entire site, you’ll want the changes you make in the block to carry over to all the layouts the block has been added to.

Once you’ve clicked continue, hover over the menu module to bring up the purple box. Then click the settings icon.



You’ll now see a new popup, and the sidebar change. The popup displays all the options for what you want your menu to look like in appearance. You can close that popup if you don’t want to make any changes.

You can click near the top of any popup in ProPhoto 7 for a drag icon to show up and you can move the popup out of the way while you work on something else.



In the sidebar, it displays all the menu items currently in the module. Click the settings icon for each menu to assign it to a page or link.

Clicking the settings icon brings up a new popup options where you can set the link for the page you want. In this example, we’re just going to edit the existing gallery links already in the design.

Start by clicking the settings icon to the right of the menu item you want to edit.


When the popup comes up, edit the name of the gallery link, and select the gallery you want to the link to go to.

You’ll need to do this for each menu link in the menu. You can also add new menu links by clicking the “+Add Menu Item” button at the top of the sidebar as well.


Adding Galleries Using the Gallery URL

ProPhoto is super flexible, and you can add galleries into the design many different ways. In our designs we try to make it simple to add them where you want them.

Let’s start by copying the URL of one of your galleries. To do that, go into your WordPress dashboard, and click the galleries tab in the sidebar.



On the galleries screen, all the galleries you added earlier will show up here. There, you can edit, add new galleries, delete galleries and more.

In this example, we’re just grabbing the URL of the gallery to paste somewhere else in the design. Let’s start by using the “Portfolio” page layout as our example. In the layout there are 3 different options for galleries. You can edit those later, but for now we’re just wanting to show you how to copy a gallery url, and paste it into your design.



On the galleries screen you can copy the URL of any gallery by right clicking the “view” button and clicking “copy link address” (or whatever the equivalent is in your own browser.)



Once you’ve copied the link, you’re free to add it anywhere you want in the design, including text modules, or in this case a graphic module.

You can nagivate around in ProPhoto by clicking the “pages” icon in the top bar of the customizer.

Click the “portfolio” link to view it’s page.



After viewing the page, you can hover over any element on the page to change it. Each module has several options, like move, customize, copy, and delete.

In this instance, we’re editing the weddings image module and pasting in the link. To get started, click the settings icon when hovering over the weddings image.



Once in the module’s settings, scroll down and paste in your gallery URL into the link box.



Now when visitors of your site click the image, they’ll go your weddings gallery!

Editing A ProPhoto Gallery

With ProPhoto 7 it’s super easy to edit an existing ProPhoto gallery.

ProPhoto gives you the options to drag and drop to rearrange photos, select multiple or delete many at once.

There’s two different ways to edit galleries.

Editing your gallery in WordPress

The first way to edit a ProPhoto gallery is the easiest way. In WordPress, look for “galleries” in the sidebar, and click “all galleries”.

Then, hover over the gallery you want to edit, and click the “edit” link.

On the gallery screen, you can easily do a multitude of things. You can click and drag any image to re-arrange a photo to a different spot.

You can also, click multiple photos at once to rearrange a lot of photos or you can select multiple and press the delete button to remove them.

You can of course, click the “add images” button to add more, if needed. Just be sure to click update when you’re finished!

Editing Your Gallery in ProPhoto

The process is a lot like, but this way makes it easy if you want to save time if you’re already in the customizer.

In ProPhoto, first click the “Elements” tab in the sidebar.

Then click the galleries tab.

When your galleries list comes up, click the settings icon on the one you want to edit.

Now you have the same functionality as you do in the wordpress galleries option. Here, you can add new photos, select images for deletion, or click multiple to rearrange or reorder.

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