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Last updated: August 15, 2019
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Periodically we update our designs, typically once or twice a year. We can never add new features to the ProPhoto theme, but we do occasionally design around new features that was added in ProPhoto updates.

Currently, there’s no way for you to simply update your current design to the newest version. If we update the design and you want the one with the latest changes, the best thing to do is to simply re download it from where you bought it and install it to back to ProPhoto under manage designs.

Design updates are not mandatory, and whenever a new feature releases for ProPhoto, you’ll always have the option of adding that change to your existing template without updating the design. You can see ProPhoto’s roadmap here.

We release our updates for designs for free during the life of the design for the version it’s on. What that means is; if we release a design for ProPhoto 7, and we update it while 7 is still out, then the update is free.

If ProPhoto 8, 9, etc comes out, and we change the design completely, you’ll have to purchase the newest version after you update to P8 to get it. Otherwise, you can simply import your older design into a future version. Template updates between versions will never be free.

Can I still download my template?

Yes, you’ll always be able to download your purchase from our site, or either ProPhoto’s depending on where you purchased your design from.

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