Step 4: Working with Galleries

Last updated: August 15, 2019
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Upload Images & Creating Galleries

Working with galleries in ProPhoto is super simple and easy to do in ProPhoto 7. Let’s start by simply adding some galleries to your ProPhoto 7 design.

To do that, in the sidebar in ProPhoto click the “Elements” tab.

From there, click the galleries tab.

Click the large “new gallery” button in the sidebar to add a n ew gallery to WordPress / ProPhoto.

You may see some existing galleries like “marketing images” you can safely delete that gallery, and it’s media files. Leave your “home page gallery” so that you can simply edit it and add your photos to skip some steps later.

To delete a gallery, go into WordPress > Galleries. There you can edit, delete, re-arrange, re-name, and more.

On the media screen, click the upload files tab to upload images to your WordPress media library. Images that are already showing are existing media files in your library. You can choose from those existing files if you’d like, or you can upload new ones.

See our separate guide below to optimizing images for your site.

When the uploader window opens, simply drag and drop your photos to upload them to WordPress.

After they’ve been uploaded, they’ll be pre-selected for you, here you can either manually select which ones you want to be added to the gallery, or simply click “select” to choose the images to be in the ProPhoto gallery.

Once your gallery is created in ProPhoto, the first step is to simply rename it to what you’re adding. In this example we chose “weddings”.

You can close the gallery window and click save to finish.

Rinse, and repeat those steps to add as many galleries as you’d like!

Below, you’ll find the different methods of inserting your new galleries into the design.

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