Step 3: Working With Menus

Last updated: August 15, 2019
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If you’re looking for how to use menus in our Royal design, that’s a totally different method. Please refer to our menu article specifically for our Royal design under the royal section. – (Royal Menu Instructions)

In step 3 we’ll be overviewing menus. In the installation step from step 1, your links in the design are automatically set to the pages that were created, but you may want to edit those url names or add new links.

In the WordPress sidebar, click ProPhoto > Customize, or simply view your website in your browser if you’re logged in, and click customize at the top in the WordPress menu bar.

Where the menu is located, hover over the block and click the lock icon.

A popup will show up allowing you to select two options.

A. Continue – Clicking continue, you’re editing the block for all the existing layouts the block has been added into.

B. Make Unique – Clicking unique will separate this block from the remaining layouts it’s connected to, and whatever changes you make to it, will only show up on the layout you’re currently viewing.

Click Continue. Since you’re wanting the header block to be the same across your entire site, you’ll want the changes you make in the block to carry over to all the layouts the block has been added to.

Once you’ve clicked continue, hover over the menu module to bring up the purple box. Then click the settings icon.

You’ll now see a new popup, and the sidebar change. The popup displays all the options for what you want your menu to look like in appearance. You can close that popup if you don’t want to make any changes.

You can click near the top of any popup in ProPhoto 7 for a drag icon to show up and you can move the popup out of the way while you work on something else.

In the sidebar, it displays all the menu items currently in the module. Click the settings icon for each menu to assign it to a page or link. Or you can hover over any menu item and press the trash can icon to delete it.

Clicking the settings icon brings up a new popup options where you can set the link for the page you want.

If you want to add a menu item as a “dropdown” it’s pretty simple. Create a new menu item from the steps above, then in the sidebar, simply drag and drop that menu item underneath the one you want to be the main. ProPhoto will automatically do it’s thing and make that menu item a dropdown on the front.

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