Step 2: Assigning Layouts

Last updated: August 15, 2019
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For your second step, we need to assign the layouts to your WordPress pages.

In step 1 if you imported a design, and clicked the continue button for the step to setup the content, then the design’s layouts are already assigned and you can move on to step 3.

If you DIDN’T choose the step in the design import process to setup the demo, then you’ll need to manually assign the layouts to their WordPress pages, to do that, follow the directions below. Each page you want displayed on your website, requires that you assign a layout to it.

Each layout needs to be assigned to a wordpress page.

In ProPhoto, click the layouts tab in the sidebar.



In this step, we’ll be assigning the front (home) and blog posts (blog) page layouts. To do that, select which two WordPress pages you want to set for those by clicking the drop downs in the left sidebar of the layouts screen.

Typically these two WordPress pages are ones you’ve either previously created as your home and blog page. If you haven’t created those two pages, simply go into WordPress > Pages and create a new “Home” and “Blog” page.



When you’re done selecting those, be sure to click the save button at the top of the browser. You’ll be doing that as often as possible so you don’t lose changes.

Now we’ll need to assign all the layouts that are included in the design to WordPress pages.

Click the settings icon to a layout to bring up the settings window.



By default you’ll already be on the WordPress pages assignments tab. Simply click the WordPress page you want to assign to the layout.


Repeat this step until all the layouts have been assigned.

If you’re importing one of our designs some things may already be assigned automatically on import, like your blog page layout, home layout, and galleries layout. If we created a 404 layout for the design or any special pages those may also already be assigned.

You can see what is assigned to each layout by looking at the yellow text in each tab, which tells you what item is assigned to that layout.

Below, you’ll find a list of some of the things we set as default in our designs:

Blog Layout: All Archive Pages, Your Blog, All Single Posts. (*Note in some designs, Single posts, has their own layout.)

Home Layout: Your Front Page

404 Layout: 404 Error Pages

Default Layout: Default

Galleries: All Gallery Pages

Finally, now that all the layouts have been assigned, you’re ready to move onto the next step!


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