Step 1: Install a P7 Design

Last updated: August 15, 2019
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The first step is to login to your WordPress install, and navigate to ProPhoto > Manage Designs.



There, you can see which theme is active, and which design you’re customizing.

In this example, we’re in ProPhoto 7’s test drive mode. ProPhoto 6 is our LIVE theme (or whatever other WordPress theme is your live theme), and ProPhoto 7 will be the theme we’re going to use. You’ll want to scroll down further on the page to see all your design options.



When you scroll down the page on that screen you’ll have several options to play with.

  1. You can start a design from scratch.
  2. You can import a ProPhoto 7 design.
  3. If you already had ProPhoto 6, then any design you had previously customized will also be available to import and use.
  4. You can start with one of the free included designs that came with ProPhoto 7.

It’s more than likely you’re here because you purchased one of our designs and you want to install your new design so we’ll start there first.


Installing a ProPhoto 7 Design

To get started, you’ll need to unzip the file you purchased when you bought your design. To do that, simply double click the file you received when purchasing to open.

Once open, you’ll see three (3) files.

The first file,  “” is the one you’ll need to upload back to ProPhoto.



Go back to the manage designs screen you were on and drag and drop the P7 design file into ProPhoto.



Once installed, your design will show up in the designs section below. To get started, simply click the “create new design” button below the one you uploaded.



An option will come up that asks if you would like to create the demo WordPress pages, and content used for the design. Be sure to press CONTINUE. This will setup your new design to be exactly like the demo!



After pressing continue, the popup will change to the copy design window. Rename your copy, and press save.



Now it’s time to activate your design. If you have test drive going, then a test drive button will show up for you to click. If you chose to activate p7 on install, then it may say something different, like “customize”. Either way, you’ll need to click the button to get to the next step.



Your screen will pop-up with a initializing window. This may take anywhere from 1-3 minutes depending on your host and will display a progress bar until it’s complete.



Troubleshooting: If for some reason the window is still “stuck” doing this after a couple of minutes, then refresh the page, go into wordpress > plugins, deactivate all plugins and then try again. If that doesn’t seem to fix the issue, then get in touch with ProPhoto.

Once that’s completed, scroll up and see that your design is now in the customize section. Just simply click “customize” in the ProPhoto dropdown in WordPress to get started!


That’s it for installing a design to P7. If you’re not installing a ProPhoto 7 design, see our related articles for the guide to importing a design from P6.


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