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Last updated: August 15, 2019
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All of our templates come with a pre-designed 404 Error Layout that you can customize. In this article, we’ll be showing you how to assign the layout, and how to access it to customize it.

Assign the 404 Error Layout

All of our templates include a 404 error layout customized to the design and assigned to the 404 layout in ProPhoto by default.

To get started with customizing one. You’ll need to assign a layout to the page. In WordPress, go to ProPhoto > Customize.

To assign or create a new layout, click “layouts” in the sidebar.

If you went with the auto setup of layouts/pages when you installed the design, then the layout we created for your template is already ready and assigned.

If for some reason the layout isn’t assigned or maybe you don’t have one because you haven’t purchased one of our designs, then you can create a new layout, or assign an existing one in the Layouts screen.

1. To assign the layout, hover over any existing or newly created layout and click the settings icon.

2. Click the special pages tab in the settings popup. This shows the pages that WordPress creates in every WordPress install.

3. Click the page you want to assign the layout to. It will highlight green, letting you know that the page is assigned.

Customizing the 404 Error Layout

Since the 404 error page isn’t a normal “page” on your site, you can’t directly click any link to go to it to edit it. This page only shows up when someone hits a link that no longer exists, or they come to a part of your site that’s been removed or deleted.

To customize the layout, simply go into the address bar in your browser, and behind your url, type in anything that doesn’t resemble content on your site. Usually just the number 404 will work, but you can type gibberish and it should show up if there’s no content with that title.

After the 404 page comes up, click “customize” in the admin bar to customize it like any other ProPhoto layout.

  1. You can click the block settings to change out the background image we’ve set.
  2. You can also click the settings icon for the wordpress module and change the font styles among other things.

Customizing the Search Bar

Unfortunately there’s no way to customize the search bar currently in ProPhoto without some code, but we’ve already provided the code in our template, you can edit that code, by clicking the block’s settings icon and scrolling down to the css input area.

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