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Last updated: August 15, 2019
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In certain scenarios you may want to reset your design, or download an updated version, in this article, we’ll teach you how to do both.

Resetting a design from scratch

To get started resetting a design, first go to ProPhoto > Manage Designs.

It’s pretty easy to start fresh with any new template. Under ProPhoto > Manage Designs, scroll down to the purchased/demo templates area and find the one you want to start with, then simply press the “create new design” button.

You’ll go through the same process as you did when you first activated the design.

Be sure when creating your new design you name it so you know the difference between your old design and your new one. The easy way is to add a date to the description of the new design.

Updating a design

Since we do actually update our designs from time to time, you may want to reset your design from scratch with the newest version of your template.

To do that, first go to the place where you originally bought the template, and re-download the file.

Next, head into the ProPhoto > Manage Designs area, and scroll down to the purchased designs area.

There’s really only one step here, and that’s to first delete your current install of the template.

Once you do that, you’re free to install the newer version you downloaded previously. You follow the same steps as you would installing a new design to ProPhoto.

If it’s one of our designs, you’ll note that the version number is placed in the description. And you can check right here on our support site for the changelogs for each design.

If you’re coming from an older version of a design to a new one, then updates have stopped for the previous version. So, if you have a P6 version of our Minimal template that you’re trying to import into 7, whatever version you have is the one that will get imported.

We have no upgrade program or discounts on designs from P6 to P7. So if you want the newest version of a design, then you’ll need to purchase it for that theme. We stopped offering upgrades when ProPhoto added the ability to import designs from older versions.
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