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Last updated: August 15, 2019
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Installing ProPhoto 7 is super easy to do! Here, we’ll walk you through how to install ProPhoto 7.

When you download ProPhoto, the file will come as a installer plugin. You’re probably thinking, a plugin isn’t a WordPress theme! You would definitely be correct!

The P7 plugin installs to your system and does some basic checks to make sure your site/host is able to run P7 smoothly. When those checks and balances are complete, an option will show up to install the theme.

To get started:

In WordPress, go to Plugins, and then “add new”. Then, click upload plugin.


Now, drag and drop your P7 installer zip file to the “choose file” button, then click “install now.”



After you’ve installed the plugin, click the “activate plugin” button.



Now for the part we can’t show you. The installer plugin will run it’s checks, and then a button will show up asking you to install the theme. Click the install theme button and enter in your transaction id from your ProPhoto account to register.

This next part is pretty self-explanatory since it tells you the difference on the screen, but we’ll go over your options.



P7 gives you the option to run in test drive mode, or to go live.


If you choose the test drive mode, you’ll keep your active theme live while you customize your P7 website. This means, if you have ProPhoto 6 or any other theme active as your current live site, then that site is what people will see when they view your website.

Q – How come I can still see P7 while in test drive mode? 

Because you’re logged in as an admin. Only logged in administrators can see the site you’re test driving. Everyone else will see the active theme. You can test it by opening up a new incognito window in your browser, or opening up your site in a different browser.

You can view more about Test Drive below.



If you choose to activate, then you’ll be choosing to activate P7, and that will be your live theme. When people go to visit your site, P7 is the site they will see live.

We recommend you turn on test drive mode while you work on your website and when you’re ready to go live, go back to the setting in WordPress, and click activate.



That’s it! Your theme is now installed, and you’re ready to use ProPhoto 7. Check out your design installation guide below for the next step.


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