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Last updated: August 15, 2019
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All WordPress sites that have comments enabled have to worry about spam. We highly recommend the installation of a simple spam plugin, namely AKISMET from the original people who created WordPress. This plugin will nix those spam comments, and you’ll never have to worry about hijacking your site through spam links.

Akismet can be free, but we recommend going with the business plan if you’re inclined.

Installing the plugin

First thing you want to do is install the plugin. Login to your WordPress dashboard, and in the WordPress sidebar, click Plugins then add new.

On the “add new” screen, you should have the Akismet plugin front and center. Click “install now” to get started.

Click the activate button to get started.

After activating, you’ll notice a new bright green notice at the top of the WordPress dashboard under WordPress > Plugins, with a link to setup your account. Click the big blue button that says “Setup your Akismet account”.

On the next screen, click the Get Your API key button.

Setting up your account

When you click the button from above, you’ll be taken to the Akismet website. From there click the big blue “Get an Akismet API key” button. (Sounds redundant at this point I know!)

There are several options to choose from. Akismet is highly affordable, and is a wonderful service and does an excellent job. That being said, you still in some way might not be able to afford the $5.00 a month, but let’s face it, it’s cheaper than a Starbucks coffee and it prevents your site from being open to Malware and spam attacks!

If you’re still not convinced, go and choose the “get personal” option.

Now we can’t tell you what to do here at this point. If you own a business you should be paying the $5.00 (remember it’s less than one Starbucks coffee a month.) so you could have a commercial license.

If you’re a photographer who just wants a blog or portfolio to showcase your work and you’re not planning on selling anything, then by all means, slide it to the zero option and continue with the setup process.

From this point, it’s going to ask you to create or login in to your account (not your website’s dashboard.) If you’re already logged in, it’s going to ask you to “add a site”. Click the activate this site button. If you’re not logged in, create an account, login and click the activate link.

Once you’re done activating your account it’s going to give you back your Akismet API key. Copy the key and go back into your WordPress dashboard, and paste the link


After it’s connected, we recommend  going into the WordPress sidebar, then clicking Settings > Akismet Anti-Spam and turning on the option to “Silently discard spam so I never see it.”.

False positives are very VERY rare, and you don’t want what you see below.

If you already have a bunch of spam comments like below before you activated Akismet, Akismet doesn’t delete previous spam comments for you. You would need to go in and delete them all in bulk after activating. Or you can just hire us to do it for you!
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