Editing A ProPhoto Gallery

Last updated: August 15, 2019
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With ProPhoto 7 it’s super easy to edit an existing ProPhoto gallery.

ProPhoto gives you the options to drag and drop to rearrange photos, select multiple or delete many at once.

There’s two different ways to edit galleries.

Editing your gallery in WordPress

The first way to edit a ProPhoto gallery is the easiest way. In WordPress, look for “galleries” in the sidebar, and click “all galleries”.

Then, hover over the gallery you want to edit, and click the “edit” link.

On the gallery screen, you can easily do a multitude of things. You can click and drag any image to re-arrange a photo to a different spot.

You can also, click multiple photos at once to rearrange a lot of photos or you can select multiple and press the delete button to remove them.

You can of course, click the “add images” button to add more, if needed. Just be sure to click update when you’re finished!

Editing Your Gallery in ProPhoto

The process is a lot like, but this way makes it easy if you want to save time if you’re already in the customizer.

In ProPhoto, first click the “Elements” tab in the sidebar.

Then click the galleries tab.

When your galleries list comes up, click the settings icon on the one you want to edit.

Now you have the same functionality as you do in the wordpress galleries option. Here, you can add new photos, select images for deletion, or click multiple to rearrange or reorder.

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