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Last updated: August 15, 2019
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ProPhoto is super flexible, and you can add galleries into the design many different ways. In our designs we try to make it simple to add them where you want them.

Let’s start by copying the URL of one of your galleries. To do that, go into your WordPress dashboard, and click the galleries tab in the sidebar.



On the galleries screen, all the galleries you added earlier will show up here. There, you can edit, add new galleries, delete galleries and more.

In this example, we’re just grabbing the URL of the gallery to paste somewhere else in the design. Let’s start by using the “Portfolio” page layout as our example. In the layout there are 3 different options for galleries. You can edit those later, but for now we’re just wanting to show you how to copy a gallery url, and paste it into your design.



On the galleries screen you can copy the URL of any gallery by right clicking the “view” button and clicking “copy link address” (or whatever the equivalent is in your own browser.)



Once you’ve copied the link, you’re free to add it anywhere you want in the design, including text modules, or in this case a graphic module.

You can nagivate around in ProPhoto by clicking the “pages” icon in the top bar of the customizer.

Click the “portfolio” link to view it’s page.



After viewing the page, you can hover over any element on the page to change it. Each module has several options, like move, customize, copy, and delete.

In this instance, we’re editing the weddings image module and pasting in the link. To get started, click the settings icon when hovering over the weddings image.



Once in the module’s settings, scroll down and paste in your gallery URL into the link box.



Now when visitors of your site click the image, they’ll go your weddings gallery!

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